• Click on the "Sprint Here" button on the home or Sprint page.
  • At the top right hand corner click the box "Guest"
  • Enter your name or any secret name you wish and hit login (you do not need a password this month)
  • Click the top room "Fly Lady's Chat" and you are there.
  • Happy cleaning!
The Aspire Network
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Clearing the Clutter

Meet us here, its Fun, Free & Power driven!
Stop in for a minute or a few hours.
We help you stay motivated, focused and excited to
Clean that Clutter!!!
yes I did say excited!
Trust me you'll have to try it before you make fun of me.
If you have questions please contact me
A SPRINT is when we get together online to make a dreaded project fun. We used to do cold calling sprints at my office and then I found a site that took that idea home for housework. It sounds crazy but try it before you make any judgements here. This is good clean focused fun!!!

These SPRINTS take all the drudgery out of the project, helps keep you focused and accountable for the next 15 min chunk. You will find yourself running around laughing at how silly fun this is! Below is an example of how it works.

  • (8:15)- At Half past the hour we all chat together about what we accomplished in the last SPRINT and then tell each other what we will accomplish in our next 15 min chunk.
  • (8:15)-then at 15 after we run like crazy to get it done before this 15 min SPRINT is done
  • (8:30)- We come back to our computers and tell each other how we did, share tips & tricks and keep each other motivated.
  • (8:45)- We are back to work on the next SPRINT project.
  • (9:00)- Repeat the hour untill your house sparkles or your project is done!
Have Fun and whistle while you work!!!

How Do I Do it???